Gutter Cleaning, Repair and GutterBrush Installation

Regular cleaning is essential to prevent clogs, leaks, and water damage. Blast Off Pressure Washing will remove debris, leaves, and other blockages to ensure your gutters function optimally.

The GutterBrush

This is one of the simplest and the most cost-effective ways of keeping your gutters flowing water and free of clogging debris. The GutterBrush is guaranteed for life. Made in the USA from double UV-protected Polypropylene and a centre core made from 12-gauge galvanized steel. It comes in several widths & only in 3-foot lengths.

How it works

The GutterBrush acts as a leaf filter, blocking most leaves & debris from entering rain gutters while water flows through. Most leaves pass right over while smaller debris caught in the top of the GutterBrush either blows away or breaks down into smaller particles that wash through the rain gutter during natural weather cycles of rain, sun wind and snow. Pine or Fir needles tend to get caught in the GutterBrush but allow the flow of water to continue.

How does the GutterBrush compare to metal or plastic gutter guards?

Good question! The major flaw in the systems that cover your gutter is they retain moisture 24-7 & never dry out, plus the dirt is very hard to get at once the guards are in place. Gutters are meant to dry out! By staying wet they will develop many small holes in the bottom which will join and become large enough so you get water leaking through. The cost to replace the gutters is in the thousands of dollars!

At BlastOff we can clean your gutters of all current debris & install GutterBrush in all, or simply on the worst areas of your gutters. Thus allowing free-flowing water to go down a drain & stay away from your foundation. When we return to clean the gutters at a time you choose we simply remove the GutterBrush, clean out what is present in the gutter, rinse off the GutterBrush & re-insert. It’s that simple!! Call us today for a quote to install this fantastic product.